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You are an entrepreneur with a growth mindset. You are a divergent thinker and constantly seek to expand your knowledge and skills in both your personal and professional life.

Do you need to make a change of direction?

You want to improve your confidence and presentation skills, develop creative communication strategies, engage and influence your audience. 

You will achieve this by establishing a productive and meaningful business relationship. 

Paul Wood

BDN Global


BDN had the privilege of inviting Dave to speak at our event this evening. He delivered a captivating, educational and highly engaging talk on 'Story Telling in the 21st Century from 330 BC onwards'. How he related Ancient Greek philosophy with 19th Century German theatre and then into modern day public speaking was incredible, and our attendees were thoroughly impressed. 

Saffron Wylde

Philanthropist. Human. Business Owner.

I attended David and Paula's 'Working the Room' pilot sessionand found their approach to teaching the subject matterinsightful, informative and inspiring. Their delivery style wasorganic and not mechanic, with practical tips and strategies toexplore and implement. I look forward to the next session!



We will use skills and exercises from the world of performing arts to develop confidence, energy and an authentic stage persona. 

My approach assumes that we all have a creative and performative self. By removing barriers to these natural abilities, you will find that working the room is not about tricking your audience, but about opening yourself up to them and delivering speeches and presentations from the heart.

Would you like to unlock and express your passion with authenticity and self control?

Using my Working the Room process of gradually expanding your comfort zone, focussing awareness and projecting your stage self as a larger aspect of the real you. Its all about allowing the skills to emerge in such a way that performing becomes second nature. 

Working the Room and Working the Web are processes based in over 20 years of experience writing, performing and producing.



Professionally I have been writing and performing for the last twenty plus years. I have worked on cabarets, street events, poetry performances, stage productions and the occasional piece of TV work.

I also have experience lecturing, delivering conference presentations and chairing local and central government seminars. 

After suffering a brain trauma in 2017 I found myself unable to do my job as a School Librarian anymore. I had lost my job and part of myself as well. I went back to writing and started providing content for small businesses and start ups. 

In 2019 I met Ron Maycock from Action Coach, his interest in my presentation skills was the beginning of a whole new venture. 

This is David Nixon - Creative Communication. 




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