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I would recommend David to anyone who wishes to improve their presenting skills or confidence when stood in front of an audience.

Ron Maycock

Business Growth Specialist at Action Coach

Attract new clients -


  • Understand the importance of narrative.

  • Demonstrate your knowledge clearly and confidently.

  • Own your space and be open to new interests.

Inspire your audience - 


  • Show insight by connecting your narrative with your client's.

  • Dare to be different and deliver in a style that is all your own.

  • Feel comfortable taking positive risks and expand your thinking.

Improve your retention


  • Learn techniques to analyse and understand the client journey.

  • Use plot skills to integrate yourself with the client's experience.

  • Use performance skills to provide an enjoyable customer experience.

Sell to investors - 


  • Pitch clearly, concisely and confidently to win the trust of investors.

  • Demonstrate your speaking and presentation skills.

  • Express your authentic values and unique identity.

Create a new strand to your business - 


  • Achieve mastery of the craft with coaching and masterclasses.

  • Offer your services as a public speaker as a new revenue stream.

  • Become part of a whole new network of professional speakers. 

Taster Events

  • Clear learning outcomes.

  • On and off site options.

  • Great base to build further work.

  • Enjoy a fun environment where learning is active.

  • Ideal for all abilities.

  • Bespoke events available on request.

  • Block bookings welcome.

Taking the Stage

  • One to one coaching

  • 1 hour free initial consultation.

  • 6 week programme.

  • Follow up support included

  • Reductions on training events

  • Based on proven techniques

  • Over 20 experience

  • Flexible pricing.

Working the Room 

  • One or two day events

  • Additional Course Materials

  • Additional follow up options available.

  • Accommodation included.

  • Expert tuition

  • Guest Facilitators

  • Block bookings welcome

Who am I?

Creating David Nixon Writing has been a 20 year journey. In that time I have been a poet, street performer, occupational therapist, researcher, actor, cabaret artist, event promoter, lecturer, librarian and seminar presenter.

There are two things that have been a constant throughout all of this chaos. The first is my love of language and communication. The second is the joy I get from making people happy. Its that simple, but getting there has been extremely complicated. 

I now offer all of these experiences and skills in a range of products for both group and individual development. I don't have a secret sauce, but I can teach you how to cook. I look forward to hearing from you. 

By using techniques and exercises from the performing arts, you will be able to create your own distinctive style from the raw ingredients.

Those I have helped


BDN had the privilege of inviting Dave to speak at our event this evening. He delivered a captivating, educational and highly engaging talk on 'Story Telling in the 21st Century from 330 BC onwards'. How he related Ancient Greek philosophy with 19th Century German theatre and then into modern day public speaking was incredible, and our attendees were thoroughly impressed. One of the best talks we have had at BDN, and I look forward to working with Dave again soon.

Creative Strategist & Founder of

BDN Global

Paul Wood

Contact DNW to arrange a meeting

Having recently taken on a new employee whom will be required to present to a room of 50 or so businesses, I asked David to run a 1-2-1 session to improve confidence levels and how the individual projects/connects with the audience. David's style and approach is fantastic! He creates a fun environment to hone your skills. More importantly, the results he has produced have been instantly noticeable.I would recommend David to anyone who wish to improve their presenting skills or struggle with confidence when stood in front of an audience.

Business Growth Specialist at Action Coach

Ron Maycock

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David has been a helpful critical friend in proofing the website. He's been honest and constructive without  worrying about my ego, while at the same time recognising my need to maintain control of the message. Not an easy balance to strike but David Nixon Writing does it with aplomb.

Educator & Trainer

Splat Training

Amy Gault

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The whole band loved working with Dave, he lets us do our thing and he does his. It just works.

Sousaphone Player


The Skiband

Daz Jones

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I attended David's 'Working the Room' workshop and found the approach to teaching the subject matter insightful, informative and inspiring. The delivery style was organic and not mechanical, with practical tips and strategies to explore and implement. I look forward to the next session!

Programme Director at Levi & Vasey Ltd

Saffron Wylde

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As long as I have known him, David is highly enthusiastic, bouncing with ideas and can be counted on to contribute creatively and independently. His expertise with words is unsurpassed and he has a special knack for making the abstract concrete. As someone who is not a native user of English, I often have tremendous difficulty expressing complex ideas - David's skills can be very useful to people like me as he is able to help his clients express their thoughts better than they can for themselves.

Occupational Therapy Lecturer at Brunel University. 

Jou Yin Teoh

Contact DNW to arrange a meeting

I can not recommend David enough, he listened and gave us exactly what we needed. 

Business Manager

Off the Rails Fashion 

Kathryn Binns

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I have no secret sauce, 

but I can teach you how to cook.

DNW 2020


David Nixon Writing




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