In the West Pennines, on a piece of farmland overlooking the Rossendale Valley, something is emerging. Built on the principles of recycling, sustainability and low impact living, The DRIFTWOOD project is just starting to germinate. On completion this resource will be a training centre for the development of personal and professional development, with particular focus on communication, mental health and low impact living. 

David Nixon, Friday 5th February, 2020.  

Image by Álvaro Serrano

The project must be profitable as a business. Despite its social aims, Driftwood will not be a charity or a social enterprise. Remaining as a private company will enable the business to adapt quickly and take advantage of new opportunities with speed and precision.  This primary purpose will also enable the fulfilment of principles 2 & 3.

principle 1

Business Viability

Holding Plant

The entire resource will be built on the principles of sustainability and low impact living. This will include rain water capture, generation of heat, light and electricity, compost toilets and the recycling or repurposing of as much waste as possible. The project will not be low tech, but technology will be used intelligently and productively. 

principle 2


The Driftwood project will involve the ;local community and offer resources at a reduced rate for local users. The resource


will integrate itself with other community groups and offer training and possible employment to residents with particular

bias to those who have suffered mental ill health, homelessness or who have recently been released from prison. The

approach taken to support these people will be based in the profession of Occupational Therapy and incorporate a


Vocational Rehab approach. 

principle 3

Social Aims

I have no secret sauce, 

but I can teach you how to cook.

DNW 2020


David Nixon Writing




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