5 Reflections on Getting Unstuck

If you are faced with a brick wall, what's is the best thing to do? Take a step back, or study every single brick?

What is the best way to look at a maze?

Are you stuck?

Sometimes live throws a ton of crap in your direction and the plans that you were making so carefully, all of a sudden look like rags in the wind. I found myself in such situation and was getting more and more frustrated with the dead ends that I kept running down. Like a rat in a maze I was completing every task and getting nowhere, where was my piece of cheese.

My solution was simple: go for a walk. The beauty of a walk for me is that it is instant, free and entirely self sustained. I think we should all have some fall back activity that provides some sanctuary and time for reflection, for me it is walking.

Initially I mapped out a huge 25 mile mission which would involve me getting up at the crack of dawn, walking across moorland and hills to a previously unvisited destination. Looking back, I think I was trying to represent the scale of my frustration in mileage. So I scaled things down a bit and set off.

My purpose was to generate some simple mantras to employ whenever I found myself, my life or my business running into problems, or getting bogged down in technicalities. The temptation is to try and micro manage your way out of a situation, but this often requires more resources and expenditure.

If we go back to the maze analogy, the best way to look at a maze is from above; get the full picture. So pull back and use the one currency that really matters: TIME.

Time to walk

Time to reflect

Time to be.

So here is the video of my little adventure and the five distinct pearls of wisdom it furnished me with.




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