Part 9 – The mTBI Forecast

First Published on February 9, 2018

I have decided to make this one a video blog – just for fun. I had the idea whilst thinking about the pressure I experience around the site of the injury. Sometimes this develops into a headache, but usually it just feels like someone is trying to gently inflate my brain inside my skull. There has been no evidence of swelling which would normally cause concern, so there is no threat to my health, but it is uncomfortable and disconcerting (a bit like watching a Trump speech.)

This sensation of my head being squeezed and the feeling of pressure caused me to think about isobars and pressure in the meteorological sense. At school I enjoyed geography immensely, and this also formed a large part of my enthusiasm for the development of the Kawa Model. My two favourite topics were vulcanacity and plate tectonics and climatology (rivers came later.) So I do have a rudimentary knowledge of isobars, frontal systems and air masses. I pictured my head covered in weather map symbols, and systems of pressure swirling their way through my cerebral cortex and across my face. I saw my neural activity as weather systems, swirling cyclones and patches of low and high pressure.

I could not help myself, but all this thought of weather made me think about the Shipping Forecast. If you are not from the UK or have never heard the shipping forecast before, it is a bit of a British institution. The shipping forecast delivers weather information for all the shipping regions around the British Isles in a unique fashion. So this is my shipping forecast, or rather the Traumatic Brain Injury Forecast for the next 24 hours.

Author's note: This post is very tongue in cheek and intended to be mildly humorous. Therefore the question you should ask is: 'What function does humour serve?'



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