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Advice Call

Arrange a free 30 minute advice call.

If you just need a quick chat about writing or delivering your speech, simply book a free advice call. There is no obligation to buy and your details will only be kept on record with your consent. 


Hit the hat to book it. 


The Joker

Create a cracking best man's speech.

Pay per session or block book.

Excellent training venue.

Phone support for the big day included.

Tailored to your style and needs.

Pairs & Prials

Best Value 

For two or three people.

Pay per session or block book.

Excellent training venue

Create a bit of theatre with your speeches

Integrate your speeches to make your event shine.

Royal Flush

A VIP weekend for four at the Red Hall Hotel, Ramsbottom. 

The package includes 10 hours coaching, accommodation and board, wine tasting and all kinds of treats. 

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