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Big Day.

My priority is you and knowing that your wedding day goes exactly how you want it to. 

making the perfect speech is a tall order, and the best man especially has a critical role to play...




Father of the Bride - Groom - Best Man. That's the tradition right?

Traditions change, so we can work in a way that says you.

Whether you want some theatrics or cabaret, the maid on honour and best man doing a double act, anything is possible. 

The most important thing that cannot change is that the speeches take your guests from Ceremony to Celebration.


The Funnies

Some people a joke tellers, some people are story tellers and some people are more physical. One thing is true though - everyone has a sense of humour (even if it is a terrible one). 

Be yourself, because the key to comedy truth. You don't have to be clever, you just have to honest. 



All prices include room booking at the Red Hall Hotel. If you prefer to use a venue of your own simply select that option on the booking form.


Ideal if all you need is a brush up and some basic direction. 

If you are a father of the bride or groom, then this would be the one.

Includes champagne & wedding token.

1 hour - £160

2 hours - £225

3 hours - £290

Full Day

Perfect for the Best Man, after all yours is the one that has to light the fuse for a party.


We will spend a full day working on voice, posture and craft a knockout speech.

Includes champagne, wedding token & lunch

One person - 

Two People - 

Coaching Package

6 3 hour sessions when you need them up to and including the day itself. 

This is a great package if there are a few of you planning something a little more theatrical. 

Includes champagne & wedding tokens

Up to three people per package.


VIP Weekend

This is the Royal Flush. 

weekend at the Red Hall Hotel. Great food and drink, a wedding tour of Ramsbottom and 8 hours intensive coaching. 

This package includes too much to mention here. Hit the button below for more.

Based on four people attending.


Still not sure? You can always book a free half hour advice call. Hit the button, choose a time that suit's you and I will be in touch.



Use the booking form or contact me by email to make a booking. 

There is no need for you to make any payment at this point. After I receive your booking we I arrange an informal meeting to ensure that everything is to your needs and satisfaction.