As a playwright and poet my style is compact and concise. In my opinion poets make the best copywriters as they have a real understanding of meaning. 
All my work is researched, verified and proofed. I do not write SEO mark-up. Simply great words. 
  • Reach your target audience.

  • A tone of voice to suit your brand.

  • Technical or Creative, either or.

  • Help your customers identify with your product.

  • Quality, quality, quality. 


Jou Yin Teoh

Occupational Therapist

As long as I have known him, David is highly enthusiastic, bouncing with ideas and can be counted on to contribute creatively and independently. His expertise with words is unsurpassed and he has a special knack for making the abstract concrete. As someone who is not a native user of English, I often have tremendous difficulty expressing complex ideas - David's skills can be very useful to people like me as he is able to help his clients express their thoughts better than they can for themselves.


Daz Jones

The Skiband

David has provided the band with write up and press releases which have won us more work. He has a talent for getting to know what you are about. 


Kathryn Brooks


David Has been an integral part of the business. He created a strong and stylish brand identity which was reflected in the simplicity of his approach.


Amy Gault

 Business Owner

David has been a helpful critical friend in proofing the website. He's been honest and constructive without  worrying about my ego, while at the same time recognising my need to maintain control of the message. Not an easy balance to strike but David Nixon Writing does it with aplomb.




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