The Written Word

“Language comes first. It's not that language grows out of consciousness, if you haven't got language, you can't be conscious.” 
― Alan Moore

Web Copy

Blogs, articles, social media and page content.

If there is one rule to all copy creation it is: "Writing is re-writing"

No-one ever gets it right first time. Whether it is copy for your website, emails, social media or blogs, good writing is key. No tricks, no gimmicks, just well crafted, professionally proofed, good quality copy. 

A tone voice that represents your business authentically, and a focus on a story approach (remember its your story your way), to generate interest and engagement. 

I work with web developers to deliver high quality projects for SMEs across the North of England. If you have a project that requires word work, then give me call and let's work together. 

My style is relaxed and conversational, but more technical work is not a problem. 

Creating a Narrative

Telling a story, creating a pivot and hook & call to action. 

Have you got a big presentation coming up?

Are you presenting at a conference or seminar?

Do you need to create some structure to your ideas?

Sometimes it can be difficult crafting your own knowledge into a meaningful narrative. You can go round in circles, make things too complicated, or worse still bland. 

We will work together creating a narrative structure that matches your delivery style and content. We can do this face to face or remotely, or you can connect this service to some 1-2-1 coaching so that you deliver an utterly fabulous presentation. 

Remember, I want you to be brilliant - and you will be. 

Speeches & Presentations

Using language a medium for self expression. 

It can be hard getting your thoughts down. When you have accumulated such a large am out of knowledge about your subject, it is often a struggle to keep things concise and clear. Do you need to introduce some humour into your speech?

I have experience in public presentation, compering and cabaret to make sure you shine when you take the stage. 

I work with you to create a narrative that is meaningful, engaging and, most importantly, suited to your voice and style. 

If you need some coaching for wedding speaking or public speaking as well then take a look at the Presenting Page.

Creative Writing

Using language a medium for self expression. 

Do you fancy trying your hand some written or spoken poetry?

Have you got a winning idea for a script, but are not really sure where to start?

I have been writing and performing for 25 years in many different guises. I have experience on stage, street theatre, puppetry, carnival, performance poetry and radio. I have worked with professional companies, community groups and travelling troupes. 

Take a look at my career timeline and see if you think I have got what you need. 

I love working creatively with other people, especially on new projects, so give me a call and lets get cracking.


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